Cookie Policy

Cookies are small bits of data that are stored on your browser or device (personal computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) that are used to access websites in order to recognize repeat users.

There are different types of cookies we use depending on their purpose. Cookies served by the entity that operates the domain you are visiting are called “first-party cookies.” Litero uses exactly this type while you are on Cookies served by companies that are not operating the domain you’re visiting are called “third-party cookies.” It happens, for example, when you allow Google to set a cookie on your browser while you visit, so it is performed by a server located outside the domain of our website. Cookies may also endure for different periods of time. “Session cookies” are temporary and are deleted automatically upon closing the browser. The last type is “persistent cookie” which survives after your browser is closed, but can be deleted manually. They may recognize your device when you reopen your browser and browse the internet again.

On our website we use cookies for a variety of purposes, such as authenticating users, remembering user preferences and settings, determining the popularity of the content, delivering and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and examining website traffic.

You, as a user, have the right to choose whether to accept cookies or not. However, they are an important part of how our Services work. You should be aware that a refusal to install or remove cookies may affect the availability and functionality of the Services.